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Translation and Localization with Expertise

Powerful texts for web and print in a variety of languages: Use our global team of experienced language professionals for confident business communication and compelling marketing

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Compliance with ISO 17100 and 9001

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Avoid Embarrassing and Expensive Translation Errors: Premium as Standard

For multilingual companies, mistranslations are associated with economic risks that can have manifold and far-reaching consequences: irritating misunderstandings and loss of trust among potential business partners and customers, damage to reputation and image, burnt advertising spending and conversion slumps, but also costly rebranding campaigns or lost orders. In addition, there are legal and security-relevant risks if, for example, web shops or operating instructions are translated incorrectly.

Incorrect translations could have already cost the German economy around 14 billion euros.

Across Systems

Conversely, good translations contribute positively to your professional image and increase your sales. Your message reaches your target audience across the boundaries of languages and cultures and achieves the desired effect. The translated copy flows naturally for native speakers.

For this purpose, terminology, grammar, lexicon, style, locale, formatting and target group as well as the purpose of the translation must be taken into account in the translation process. In addition, the content should not only comply with the language regulations and wording of the company, but should also be adapted to business practices and cultural conditions of the target market (localization).

That’s why with Format:perfekt! you get translations in a single quality level: Premium.

Translation + Editing + Quality Control

Qualification, management, technology – these three factors determine the quality of translations. The translations are carried out by native speakers with industry experience who have proven qualifications as translators. The subsequent editing in accordance with ISO 17100 is carried out by experienced editors. Finally, a quality control is carried out. Software supports the translation process (including translation memory and terminology management) and project management, which assigns and controls the orders in the best possible way.

Technical Translations

Especially in the case of technical translations, specialist knowledge of the subject area is important in addition to language competence. Out technical translators have a relevant degree or relevant professional experience.

We offer technical and specialized translations in a variety of languages for the following subject areas:

  • Education & Ed-Tech
  • Medicine & Biotech
  • Industry & Technology
  • Law & Jurisprudence
  • Finance & Banking
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Marketing & E-Commerce

Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In addition to reports and presentations, etc., we often translate websites and blogs, white papers and press releases, product descriptions and webshops. Multilingual SEO, convincing PR texts, high-conversion content and an optimal customer experience at all touchpoints are at the heart of our translation work.

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Data Security and Discretion

  • Data transmission is secured via SSL.
  • The customer portal is hosted on secure servers in the EU.
  • Your data is only accessible to authorized persons, all of whom are contractually bound to secrecy.
  • On request, you will also receive a declaration of confidentiality.
  • In addition, your files can be protected with a password.

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