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Optimization of your Marketing and Business Texts*

Being perceived as professional and impacting your target group depends on text quality: Raise the persuasiveness and effectiveness of your written communication to a higher level

Business editing with strategy

Strategic Focus

Text quality

Superior Text Quality

Proofreading quick and easy

Quick and Easy

Your Competitive Advantage 1:

Complexity Reduction

Information overload? We make complex issues more understandable for your audience while maintaining the necessary differentiation:

  • Clear informational structure
  • highlighting the essentials for the target group
  • simple language

Simple effectiveness and clarity guide our collaboration too, even if the briefing and the editing consume time and energy.

Your Competitive Advantage 2:

Text Quality

Together we raise your texts to a higher level. We succeed in delivering the best possible quality quickly and cheaply by:

  • the strict criteria in the selection of our text professionals (recruitment test, editorial training or at least 5 years of professional experience, university degree)
  • the precise assignment of industries and topics to the areas of knowledge and fields of expertise of our language geniuses
  • Quality inspection according to the 4-eyes principle and systematic quality management

The linguistic error rate is a quantifiable indicator of the quality of proofreading. At Format:perfekt! quality means that the project parameters remain within the acceptable range and, in particular (measurable in online marketing), the defined communication goals are achieved.

Your Competitive Advantage 3:

Strategic Focus

Our copy-editing service improves your text in the following aspects:

  • Spelling, punctuation, grammar (i.e. proofreading always included)
  • Choice of words, expression, style, tonality
  • Sentence structure and formulation
  • Comprehensibility and stringency of the argumentation logic
  • Coherence and consistency (uniform use of terminology in accordance with defined language rules and, if applicable, your corporate language)

Reformulation and redesign: If necessary, we go much further to create a lively and powerful text.

The clou: We align your texts in their specific context with your strategic communication goals.

* Content & Blog, Website & Emails, PR & Advertising, Reports & Presentations in Medicine & Biotechnology; Industry & Technology; Marketing & Economy …

Your Investment: from 1000 €

Let’s work on your success in the long term and reap the sweet fruits.

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