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Bite Force for Future-hungry SMEs

Remove barriers to growth and seize growth opportunities: Together with our enabler team, secure the future viability of your company through the combination of know-how and digital technologies

Strategic Focus

Brain-Friendly, Digital, Participatory

Collaborative Growth

Guideline and Values

Clear goals, clear responsibilities, clear decision-making paths: Let’s create the basis for successful implementation together!

  • Clarify corporate goals and positioning
  • Design mission statement (incl. values, vision, mission)
  • Designing a profile and deriving strategies
  • Systematize and digitalize communicative processes
  • ICP (Information, Communication, Participation)

Recruiting on Autopilot

Reduce recruitment costs and receive more suitable applications through digitalization and automation of HR processes: Let’s solve the personnel bottlenecks in your company together!

  • Strengthening the employer brand
  • Job advertisements
  • Introducing an e-recruiting system
  • Legally compliant applicant management
  • Automate your onboarding process

Communication in Remote Teams

More satisfaction and cohesion in team, more participation, trust, and responsibility: Combine digital technologies and neuroleadership to lead your organization into a healthy future!

  • Healthy collaboration in the remote team
  • Task typing and task management
  • Increase efficiency, motivation and employee retention
  • Personal mastery and digital skills
  • Self-organization and results control in remote teams

Marketing Automation & Brand Reputation

More response, more inquiries, more sales: Convince your stakeholders!

  • Communication strategy and conception
  • Brand reputation and reach
  • GDPR-compliant marketing automation
  • CXO (Customer Experience Optimization) and customer loyalty
  • ESG communication (Environmental, Social, Governance)

Your Investment: from 5000 €

+ active participation for at least 3 months

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